NBC on United & TED Airlines: Network Package Re-Design

The NBC on United & TED Airlines network package redesign was based on the on-air look for 2007, originally created by Capacity.TV. They have done several of the package designs for NBC, and I must say, although we have never worked in the same building, I really enjoy working with their files over the years in the Magic Room. Projects such as this one helped me become an expert at deconstructing and repurposing their hi-tech look to achieve a seamless look for NBC across all television platforms.

Below are the storyboards for each element – the open and close as well as the ID bumper. The look was applied to both United and TED airlines.

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[singlepic id=208 w=550 h=294 float=]

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[singlepic id=210 w=550 h=294 float=]

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