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Lady Jay does more than just dj. Aside from her career as a motion graphics artist, she fills most of her free time with running the non-profit organization United Divas.  Somehow she squeezes djaying into the little nooks and crannies that fall between those times. She stays selective about the venues she plays, aiming to invest her free time in well-thought out entertainment, whether it is for a cause or a whim.

She treats djaying with the same integrity she applies to her career as a commercial artist. Through this relationship, the name Lady Jay has transcended being just a moniker for Jan Tompkins as a dj, but has evolved to become the alias for the artist herself, regardless of the media. No name dropping, no hyphey, just Lady Jay, straight to the point. If you want to know more, just listen. Feel free to select from the dj mix archives below to hear a few Lady Jay selects.

Description (click title to download) Length Size
August 26, 2004 – Transplant 63 min 58.9mB
March 2, 2004 – March Mix 63 min 58.9mB
January 2004 – Short-n-Heavy Mix 29 min 27.0mB
September 13, 2003 – LA Woodley Park Decompression Party 47 min 16.6mB
September 18, 2002 – 2×4 w/ Miss Shann 58 min. 14.9mB
August 8, 2002 – Funky Breaks 70 min. 16.4mB

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