Jan Tompkins, also known as Lady Jay, creates motion art for screens and surfaces of all sizes and formats. Her work appears in theaters, on television and your mobile device screens.

Jan’s art exhibited in Chi Modu’s 2014 Uncategorized solo exhibition in Finland, a collaboration with Aaron Middlepoet Jackson’s “A Dear John Letter to Hip Hop” on a Modu photograph of the late Tupac Shakur. She has also shown work in New York City, Los Angeles, Burbank, Seattle, Miami, Jersey City, as well as in Frankfurt, Germany. She is currently exploring the art of projection mapping in her spare time.

As a community organizer, she was the founder and director of the charitable non-profit United Divas Inc, which empowered women to be creative leaders from 2001-2011. United Divas awarded 3 scholarships to low-income freshman studying the arts. They also organized multimedia events in Hollywood, New York, New Jersey & Miami. Their educational workshops covered topics such as copyright, contracts, fundraising and web marketing.