Jan Tompkins designs motion arts for screens and surfaces of all sizes, as well as occasional print work.  With over a decade and a half of experience working in time-based media, Jan handles many roles in the creative process. From concept to completion, she crafts creative solutions that capture attention and communicate with impact. Fluent in progressing ideas through early phases, she has worked in pre-vis, prototyping and pitching. When it comes to production, she can both tackle the work and manage a team of artists to bring the vision to life. Comfortable using many tools, she can take a script from edit and animation through compositing and color. On set, she has been an FX Supervisor for on-air network show promos as well as an Art Director for 4K product shoots for the Smithsonian Museum, both During post-production, she knows how to seamlessly composite scenes and visual effects. She has also been tasked as a colorist for several commercials and branded videos.

As a strategy to encourage more women to explore multiple creative disciplines, Jan co-founded the non-profit United Divas, with a mission to empower women to be artistic leaders, innovators and role models. Her organization brought creative professionals together as a community supporting the arts, with workshops and exhibitions that encouraged other women to pursue their creative goals. The non-profit operated for a decade, from 2001 – 2011. Their major achievements include giving away 3 arts scholarships to low-income college freshman, spotlighting over 44 women artists as “diva of the month”, and hosting multi-media events in Los Angeles, New York City, Miami Beach & Jersey City.

Her artwork has been exhibited in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Burbank, Seattle, Jersey City, Berlin, Frankfurt, London, Montreal, Seoul, Tokyo & Osaka & the Pori Museum in Finland. In 2018, she art directed two videos for R/GA founder Bob Greenberg’s Ten Principles of Design exhibit, which runs from 2/23 – 9/8/2018. As a child, she participated in a project with the Seattle Children’s Art Museum to redesign the abandoned Waterfront train station into a bustling attraction that connects the city to the port. As a teenager, her work created while living in Frankfurt, Germany, was selected by the Scholastic Arts competition to be installed long-term in the UN headquarters in New York City. Fresh out of college, she participated in an exquisite corpse film experiment based off the surrealist methodology and the resulting videos they created toured to 7 cities in the 2000 Res Fest Digital Film Festival. Her multi-screen video installations have been featured at several multimedia events on the east and west coast. Her collaborative layout design of Aaron B Jackson’s “Dear John Letter to Hip Hop” on a photograph of the late Tupac Shakur, was exhibited in the solo show for photographer Chi Modu in Finland during the summer of 2014.

She travels, works on secret projects with her favorite poet and explores the art of projection mapping in her spare time, when she’s not doing the mom thing.